Calling all doers and dabblers, thinkers and tinkerers…
Keep on creating, experimenting and exploring. We’ll continue
to imagine new ways to bring light to what you do.

In a world of rapidly changing technology, keeping up with the latest trends is hard, but doing so only takes you as far as someone else has already gone. At NEBO, we like to explore uncharted territories.


That’s the trailblazer mind-set. What makes NEBO better? What makes NEBO different? The answers can be found in our technology, where instead of just asking why, we ask “why not?”

Eye-catching packaging, clever point of sale and interactive TRY ME features set them apart from many of the more expensive, less innovative major brands and the many sub-standard low cost brands.


In this way, we have carved out market positioning that has enabled the brand to continually increase market share and grow into one of the largest flashlight brands in
the world.




COB contains more LED chips to provide a stronger, more uniform beam for a greater overall lighting experience.


ARCUS is a new proprietary C•O•B LED technology that shapes light like never before with 250º of intense light coverage for maximum safety.


Flex-Power allows this light to run on the included rechargeable battery or disposable alkaline batteries.